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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

Well, City of Bones is your classic young-adult movie. You see, Mortal Instruments has SO MUCH going on and those details are important to the whole as well as in itselves that the big problem with the movie was that it ran thru so many things. Movies involving mythology shall never ever dismiss any detail. That being said, it was enjoyable and it kind of got me wanting a sequel by the end of it, I’m just a sucker for anything that doesn’t have mundanes as main characters (see what I did there?).

If a sequel does come, I’d love to have Clary as the true female hero she’s supposed to be! (the movie industry is in desperate need of one, so I take whatever I can get with full-on hope that it will catch on).

Movie ears 3 out of 5 stars for being decent (as further from exceptional as it can be) in its genre.

Carrie (2013)

I haven’t read the book so my judgment here comes strictly from what I recall from the previous two versions of this movie. First thing that bothered me was the unknown year to which the whole movie takes place. It’s a small town and I get that vintage references would be quite strong but, from the computers used in school, televisions and radio placements, to the cellphones (I hardly believe all citizens would only have Nokia phones even it was a small-town paid to do it, specially when you’re led to believe the popular girls are so trendy) and costume wardrobe wasn’t exactly a hit too.

All things said, Julianne Moore was fantastic on the role of the mother and that was probably the only role that didn’t felt forced, everything else seemed like a caricature, specially Carrie, played by a beautiful (even when tried to be characterised ugly actress). Where did all the bully came from? It was unclear, it felt like the only problem she had was that she didn’t even tried… that because even the most bullied person in school that has been going there since the sixth grade has got to have made at least one friend at some point. But it’s okay, sometimes things like this do happen so I suppose I can accept that fact.

It’s obvious that this movie excels at what the previous ones lacked, special effects, which only happen at a quarter to the end of the movie. From which point I couldn’t help but feel carried thru hours of boring storyline, it felt like nothing even happened up to the point pigs were beheaded.

Judy Greer & Chloë Grace Moretz were fantastic in what their roles were supposed to. From all that, it was a good flick and it gets 3 stars. I went to the movies to see a teenage daughter of a cristian nut go crazy killing all people for laughing at her and that was what I got at some point.